Sunday, July 19, 2009

Justin James Wilcox Arrives!

Very little Justin James Wilcox has arrived! The firstborn son of AJ & Jessica, Baby JJ arrived on the scene nearly 3 weeks early! After some early breathing problems and a couple of days in the NICU, Baby JJ improved quickly and was able to leave the hospital with his Mom, right on time! Both Mom and Baby are doing fine!

Mama Yahwee and Papa Wob are both delighted to have another grandchild and our first grandson. We are thrilled that his health has improved and he is home in his own room! There are pictures on the Wilcox' blog, so go there to see this cute little dude. He was only 5lb 8oz and 18 in long, but knowing his Dad, I'll bet he grows up to be bigger than I am!

At times like this past weekend, it is hard to be 600 miles away from where the action is happening. We wanted to be there! News from Orem Community Hospital just wasn't coming fast enough. For us in the desert, it was a humbling lesson in patience! Laurie will go and spend about 11 days starting July 25, her birthday. What a wonderful birthday present for a new grandma, the chance to hold a brand-new descendant!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Orlando, Florida Trip with the Cardons

Saturday, October 11, 2008-Rob and Laurie flew to Orlando, Florida from Phoenix. Erika, Marcus, and Olivia flew in from Salt Lake. Unfortunately Jessica, AJ, Monica, and Johnny were unable to come due to school and work. We missed having the whole family there, but we had a great time with the Cardon family. We stayed at a condo in Kissimmee (that's pronounced ki--SIMM--ee, not KISS-a-mee) near Disney World. The temperatures were in the 80's most of the time with a balmy breeze. Laurie misses the mild humid days (not so much the hot summer humid days.)

Sunday-We attended church at the Windermere Ward in Orlando. We belonged to the Metro West Ward when we lived in Windermere, but it was dissolved and the ward members were split up into multiple wards. Many of our friends have moved away from Florida as we did, but a few friends remain there such as Kim and Chuck Nelson. We had a fun time visiting and catching up on our lives since it has been over 8 years since we were there. Erika used to babysit the three Nelson boys so it was fun to see how big they are now. We also drove by our house in Windermere. It was very sad to not even recognize it. The neighborhood was new when we lived there and now it looks different. The trees in the neighborhood have grown and they are very pretty. But our house looks like it was painted a different color and the front door was changed. We also drove by West Orange High School which has been replaced by a new school building, and there is a new freeway going through the area, and parks, stores, and office buildings where fields used to be. It was fun to be back, but it's almost as though living there was a dream.

Monday-We went to Magic Kingdom. Olivia's favorite rides were the Mad Hatter Teacups and Aladdin's Magic Carpet. Watching her laugh and laugh was priceless. Her mom kind of liked it too. But playing is hard for babies, so after awhile Olivia fell asleep and took a nap until it started to rain, Florida style, and we had to find shelter for about 10 minutes. Olivia had no problem taking over her dad's ice cream and gobbling it up to get her energy level back up to par.

Tuesday-We took it easy around the condo. Then we all went to Lego Land at Downtown Disney. We had fun building with the Legos. We also had a treat from Ghiradelli's Chocolate Shop. Yum Yum!

Wednesday-This was our second day at Magic Kingdom. Rob and Laurie are standing at the Mickey Mouse photo spot. Erika, Marcus, and Olivia sped down the race track in their speedy car. Eat your heart out AJ! And then it was Grandpa Rob's job to help Olivia settle down for a nap.

Thursday-We went to New Smyrna beach. Erika, Marcus, and Olivia dug in the sand. Then Erika and Laurie helped Olivia jump the waves. She laughed and laughed until her lips were blue and she was shivering. That's us way out there. Marcus is building a sea turtle in the forefront (He's the one on the right side of the picture if you were unsure.)

Saturday-the last day together. So sad! On Friday we took it easy at the condo and then Rob and Marcus went back to Lego Land at Downtown Disney to take some pictures. Grandpa Rob couldn't resist getting Olivia a Donald Duck stuffed animal. On Saturday Grandpa Rob gave Olivia and Donald Duck a hug before we drove to the airport.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rob and Laurie's trip to Salt Lake-Business and Pleasure!


On Sunday, September 21st, Rob and Laurie flew to Salt Lake. Rob had business meetings Monday through Wednesday, so Laurie tagged along so she could play with her kids. We met up with the kids for Sunday dinner at Erika's apartment. We played outside for awhile and then visited inside. Rob is reading "Where is Baby's Belly Button?" with Olivia.

I might get in trouble for this Halloween preview, but Olivia put on her puppy Halloween costume to show Grandma Laurie and this picture is priceless.

On Monday, Laurie went with Erika, Marcus, and Olivia for their house walk-through in Eagle Mountain. Laurie got to play with Olivia while Erika and Marcus met with the house representative. The Cardon family has a beautiful home that they are moving into this weekend.

On Tuesday afternoon, Laurie, Erika, and Olivia went to Jessica's school, Paradigm High, where Jessica is teaching art. I can't believe that one of my baby girls is all grown up and teaches in a high school.


On Tuesday night Laurie, Erika, Jessica, Monica, and Olivia had a Girl's Night Out! We went to Bajio's for dinner and then we went to Denise Schaefermeyer's home (Laurie's niece). Denise owns her own vinyl cutting business and she was kind enough to help each of us do a craft.


On Wednesday morning Erika and Laurie finished their crafts. Laurie finds it interesting that her girls chose family phrases, while her phrase is about food. Hmmmm, what does that mean?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Family Camping Trip

Monday, August 25th. On Sunday Rob and Laurie drove to Kayenta which is near St. George, Utah to visit Rob's dad Dan and his step-mom, Katie. We had a delightful time visiting, especially on their patio.

Rob and Laurie set out about noon on Monday and drove to Boulder Mountain in central Utah. We set up camp in the Singletree campground in Dixie National Forest, near Torrey. It is also near Capitol Reef National Park. We had a great time Monday through Friday exploring and re-exploring hikes and jeep roads.

Rob taking it easy in the campground.

Wednesday, August 27th. Laurie and Rob had an adventurous day. We took a little picnic lunch and did a short hike in The Gulch, which is in Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument.

Rob in The Gulch.

Rob stopped to take this picture at the top of Burr Trail, which we drove down. It is a series of switchbacks on a steep road.

Rob and Laurie looking back at Burr Trail which they just drove down. It is carved into the side of the mountain in the background. Laurie feels like alot of money could be made at a T-shirt stand where they sell T-shirts that say "I survived Burr Trail."

Laurie and Rob went to Hall's Canyon Overlook. As you can see, Laurie is standing far away from the edge of the cliff.

Rob is sitting on a rock outcropping at Hall's Canyon Overlook. Laurie was a bit anxious seeing him sit so far out on the ledge. You can see the unique design in the rock behind Rob to the left called The Waterpocket Fold.

Thursday, August 28th. Rob and Laurie drove over Hell's Backbone from Boulder to Escalante. This road was built in 1935. The canyon drops off on both sides of the bridge. Needless to say, Rob was the photographer for these pictures since Laurie wouldn't even get out of the car.

This is the canyon drop off on the right side of the bridge. The left canyon looks similar.

Friday, August 29th. Rob and Laurie hiking to Singletree Falls. We are smiling, but what you don't see is the steep decline behind us.

Rob standing in front of Singletree Falls. It is a pretty waterfall, but the hike was a bit more strenuous than expected. Laurie thought it was going to be a little 1/2 mile nature walk. Not so!

Saturday, August 30th. We drove to Dry Fork Gulch off the "Hole in the Rock" road by Escalante, Utah to do a hike through Peek-a-Boo and Spooky slot canyons. This is the beginning of the hike.

We all took a break under a shady tree on the trail between Peek-a-Boo and Spooky. Due to a pool of water at the bottom of Peek-a-Boo, we hiked above the canyon and entered about 2/3 of the way into Peek-a-Boo and hiked to the top. Then we took a rest before we hiked through Spooky.

The top of Spooky slot canyon with the whole Mays gang except Rob, the camera man.

This is the start of Spooky. It is a canyon with high narrow walls and a path that winds around. In many places the walls are no wider than your shoulder span.

Rob is kneeling under an arch in Spooky. Would that be an "angel arch" with all the light shining down?

Olivia is taking a little break in the middle of Spooky. She was tired of being held and passed from person to person like a sack of potatoes through the tight spots. Her proud, and tired, Grandma Laurie and Grandpa Rob are taking a break with her.

We had to use some team effort getting down this rockfall. Notice Rob at the bottom. He is actually standing on a big rock. And then notice the rest of us up above the crack. We were all concerned about getting Olivia down, but she was the easiest of them all. Some of the rest of us were a bit nervous. I'm not naming names, but Laurie, Jessica, and Monica were sure happy when this section was behind us.

Jessica practicing her basic ballet movements going down the rockfall. Fortunately her dad was there to catch her.

Laurie is getting pretty stressed out by now with all the narrow walls, limited space, heat, and lots of bodies. Jessica was having a great time taking pictures of us all.

Rob was happy sharing this experience with his sons-in-law. We took the girls through here about 15 years ago and they all wanted to share the joy with their husbands.

At the end of our hike through Spooky and Peek-a-Boo, we all felt like Olivia. We were exhausted and tired. It was definitely a character building experience with some team effort. Way to go guys!!!

Monday, September 1st was our last day together. We had a great weekend despite the heat, cold, wind, rain, thunder, and lightning. As we all left to go home, the kids turned right out of the campground and we turned left. We were a little sad to part ways. But we are already looking forward to the next time we'll all be together.